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Comments (39)

Sounds pretty good. I'd be happy to help! :)

I cant wait to see what you come up with Carmet. Thank you!

I'd give ya a hand Chut, I'd take any scene

Snackers you are the best! thank you!

I asked so many times to help out, there's no way i don't join in!

Brandy! I've been waiting for this moment my whole life...

I'd be down to help you out, my man!
However, what's the deadline gonna be for all parts?

No deadline just do your best! :)

Chutney I'll draw a singular patch of grass for you!

I believe you!

I'd love to participate. If you're willing to have me, go ahead and pick a panel for me :)

Okay, you can do panels 9 and 11. Don't worry they are like the same panel. Thank you!

YES YES A MILLION DAMN TIMES YES!!!! Count me in bby <3

YES! I caught the rare Mewx!

I can help, I'd take any scene too!

Cool its Henry! Thank you Mister EYES!

uh oh. I can help.

Uh oh spaghettio! thank you!

Oof, I would absolutely be willing to help but I use toon boom to do all my animations and even though I have a version of Flash on my computer, I haven't used it enough to be super familiar with it. Though I could still try to learn...

Okay I'll send you the file anyway, I would very much like the SnailPirate to be in the movie!

If you still need some help, I'd love to

Are you Kidding?!? I need all the help I can get! Thank you!

I'd be down for this! When would you plan to have the final thing done? I'm worried about deadlines, but I'd be willing to help out with scene 32 or 33, and along with deadlines, I would love to fully hash those scenes out for you! It'd be so cinematic! (I'll still take one for whatever you need though)

Hey Dying Sun! You know Those scenes are pretty tough I'm saving those for someone extremely good possibly better than me. But if you truly believe you can impress me then by all means give it your best shot!

I mean, I could paint a non-animation scene, if that will do anything, not sure how to use flash just yet, but I can help any way I can because this finale looks dope.

Irri I have to tell you that your art to me is absolutely jaw dropping. If you made the art for the Thumbnail I would be the happiest person in the world. I will send you the file so if you do decide to do it, you will understand what is going on.

HOLY GOD DAMN! NOT ONLY IS CHUTNEY GLAZE ENDING, IT'S GONNA BE A COLLAB!? Chutney, I'm sorry I can't animate, but I will make sure to review this thing. You have my word and I love you.

And you better review the crap outta it too!

@GoodL I'm sorry, GoodL is in this? This just became the most exciting collab of 2019!

@TheReviewTrickster tbh, it woulda been the most exciting collab without me as well hahaha. Thank you though! :)

@RGPAnims @ChutneyGlaze
Also, I apologise for not asking before, but can I claim panels 1 - 4 in scene 1 please?

Of course, They are yours. Follow my guidelines as close as possible please. Thanks RGP!

I think I'll give this one a shot. About time I did another animated commission

Okay I sent it. Thanks Tony I'm counting on you!

Of course man, send me the scene you think it's perfect for me!

Nick, you have no idea!

Guys, Let me know if your having trouble opening the file i gave you. It was made in Adobe Animate CC but it should work with all versions of flash.

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